Immigration and Numbers

Immigration and Numbers

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25 Aug 2016

A student enrolled in my honors math 3 class, which starts Monday, stopped by today because he will miss Tuesday’s lesson.  This quick post is just to give him a head start with a neat conceptual tool that has been gaining popularity recently, called “exploding dots”. We will very quickly use this to review basic arithmetic and ties to polynomials.

The following video and the rest in the series on YouTube introduce the concept.

A website = Exploding Dots

And here is a student workbook – intended for middle school, but interesting for anyone who has not been exposed to this concept. Exploding Dots_Student Version

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NBH Open House: 23 Aug 2016

This fall semester I am teaching two sections of honors NC Math III and one section of Foundations of Math III.  There are expectations that much content and communication will be delivered via Craven County’s Moodle.   BTaKGgn9c

Classes will begin with information posted on this friendly blog, however.

Honors Math III

The syllabus and pacing guide contain the basics for this course, including the course content, grading policy, supply list, key resources, and expectations.

Foundations of Math III

This foundations class is intended to bolster prerequisite skills and to prepare students for a rigorous and successful math 3 experience.  The pacing guide need not be following quite as rigidly as that for the honors course, but forms a reliable indicator of the material we expect to cover.  We will work diligently to fill in holes in students mathematical understanding and this may involve more individualized work on digital tools such as Khan Academy.  Information about the grades, class expectations, resources, and contact information can be found in the syllabus.

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18 May 2016

Day 75!

Today we begin the review phase of the course!  Beginning with the transformation of all the functions we have covered:

  • linear
  • absolute value
  • quadratic
  • polynomial
  • rational
  • circular/trigonometric
  • exponential
  • logarithmic

During this quick review, students will need to be able to translate, stretch and compress the functions vertically and horizontally.  Rotations are not covered in this course.

The Khan Academy exercises are found on the 17 May 2016 post.

Students will also be given the first review packet. This is an old midterm exam and students are asked to hand in fully worked out solutions which include a written explanation of the key ideas needed to solve each problem. This class and homework will be due Friday before the end of class.

m3 midterm-05182016083125


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17 May 2016

Day 74!

Statistics test day — woot, woot!  Tomorrow we begin review and will start with all the elementary functions, highlighting transformations of these functions and key applications.  The Khan Academy assignment for this review is linked below.



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16 May 2016

Day 73!

Back from Blacksburg for graduation ceremonies, and into fresh conversations with Duke physics professor Dr. Rob Brown and the Duke University Marine Lab physics students, who begin summer session 1 today, I am once again encouraged and reminded of what is possible when students diligently pursue knowledge and value educational opportunities.

Today my New Bern students will review the unit on statistics and prepare for a test tomorrow.  This is the time to buckle up and finish well.  There will be zero tolerance for disruptive, unscholarly behavior or negative attitudes and disrespect.  After tomorrow students will be reviewing all class material and demand during class time for student participation will increase.  I have presented all the key concepts required for math 3 and it is now solely up to students to review, learn or relearn, polish skills, drive toward mastery, and boost their grades by redoing quizzes, Khan Academy work, other homework, etc.  Class time will be more individualized for roughly half of class.  We will do class reviews during the other half — all students will be expected to participate!




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13 May 2016

Day 72!

Well as I am in Blacksburg for my daughter’s graduation from Virginia Tech, my sweet students will be finishing analysis of the data set and the packet provided on Wednesday, working on their statistics project, and trying a quiz created on .

Online Stats Quiz – Link

The game code is 333399 and students will likely need to “join” — Join Quizizz

The instructions provided on the Quizizz site:

1. Open in your browser
2. Enter the 5-digit game code 333399, and click “Proceed”
3. Now enter your name and click “Join Game!”
4. You will get an avatar, and then see a “Start Game” button. Click it to begin!

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11-12 May 2016

Day 70-71!

After running through the basic concept of a z-score, which provides the number of standard deviations above or below the arithmetic mean for any individual data value, and demonstrating how a “curve” was established for a recent test, we reviewed the rest of the problem set provided on Monday.

The work for today and tomorrow will review all the key concepts we have covered with a bit more emphasis on computational problems, since two of the three missing calculators have returned and the class set is once again available to for student use 🙂

Students are to complete all problems individually and have the packet polished and ready to hand in for a quiz grade on Monday, May 16th.  We will go over expectations and instructions for each page today [May 11].




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10 May 2016

Day 69!

Today we continue to work on the problem sets from yesterday.  This will include additional work with the normal distribution [students must remember 68 – 95 – 99.7, the percent of data within one, two, and three standard deviations from the mean in a normal distribution].  We will also continue to work with key ideas regarding sampling from a population, and the margin of error formula for proportion.  New material, which is related to the normal distribution involves z-scores.

Remember to continue working the Khan Academy homework for the statistics unit — posted 6 May 2016.

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9 May 2016

Day 68!

Statistics and more statistics today as we dig in today.




With these notes and problems, as well as the Khan Academy work assigned last Friday, we should have enough to work on until later in the week when a practice statistics test will be given.

A side note:  unfortunately, a few students are making “things” difficult for the majority. Last week two TI-84 calculators and my blue mechanical pencil went “missing”, a couple of students seem to have blatantly cheated on a test, and neither the computers from our computer cart not the calculators have been replaced properly.  So, until the missing calculators are returned and classes show they are able to handle the responsibility of using school technology, students will be doing all work by hand.  Note that this is very tedious when trying to work with statistical data.




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